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Our company offers a complete range of cryptocurrency exchange services. Our customers can securely invest through an investment platform or make single exchange-only operations using their own wallets.

Investors and institutions


We offer access to almost all cryptocurrencies via Private Cryptobanking service and will introduce cryptocurrency and blockchain focused investment vehicles in the near future.

Research and development


Prasos has over 7 years of experience in blockchain technologies. We want to discover the potential of new technological solutions and our current focus is in Lightning Network development.

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Invest in financial revolution

The blockchain technology allows us to take the current business structures to a new era by replacing inefficient middle men and creating completely new business models.

Blockchain was first envisioned in the original Bitcoin white paper released in 2009. It took four years for Bitcoin to really take off and after that numerous other cryptocurrencies have been developed based on similar concepts. During the last years banks, businesses and governmental organisations have started to investigate the different applications and benefits that the blockchain technology could offer. The crusade into the depths of this technology has just begun and we are witnessing the beginning of a new digital economy.

When buying cryptocurrencies, you are investing in the technology behind the token. The sector keeps evolving at a high pace, but we are still at an early stage in the global adoption. Read, learn and analyze the different investment possibilities and jump into the financial revolution.

Our brands

Prasos offers a wide variety of cryptocurrency related exchange services and products under 4 different brands.

Cryptocurrency investment platform

Bitcoin community and broker

Next generation physical bitcoins

Bitcoin ATM network


These guys have been part of the Bitcoin industry since the early days. Throughout the years we have built a solid business relationship.

Nejc Kodric


They are one of the oldest Bitcoin companies in Finland and have been a reliable partner as a service provider and as a customer.

Eero Tulppala

BTC Trinkets

I have enjoyed working with these guys.

Mike Caldwell


These guys are doing great work!

Zach Harvey


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