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Prasos Ltd.

Prasos is a leading Finnish cryptocurrency service provider. We have provided reliable Bitcoin services since 2012. In addition to focusing on the Finnish market, we also have international services.


We believe in a world with less hierarchies. Cryptocurrencies are a way to equalize societal power structures. They give regular people the chance to have control of their own money. We advocate for mild cryptocurrency regulation as it is imperative that the cryptocurrency barrier to entry remains as low as possible for consumers and companies alike.


Our mission is to respond to the demand of cryptocurrency users and provide services that are deemed useful. Our staff consists of cryptocurrency hobbyists which means that our mission includes creating services that we want to use ourselves.


Our vision is to become a diverse Bitcoin service provider that is able to effectively answer the customer demand from both consumer and b2b markets. For Bitcoin our long term vision is a non-political and universal world currency that makes currencies such as the dollar and euro pale in comparison.

About us