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Exchange services

Our company offers a complete range of cryptocurrency exchange services. Our customers can securely invest through an investment platform or make single exchange-only operations using their own wallets.

Merchant platform

Coming soon! - We will help companies to take a leap to the next era of payments. Our clients will be able to accept bitcoin and over 50 altcoins in their stores and manage the funds in our next generation merchant service.

Institutions & Companies
The Blockchain Lab

Prasos has over 5 years of experience in blockchain technologies. We want to discover the potential of new technological solutions and our current focus is in Lightning Network development.

Our brands

Prasos offers a wide variety of

cryptocurrency related products and services under 6 different brands


Cryptocurrency investment platform

Coinmotion Payments

Merchant services - Coming soon!


Bitcoin community and broker service


Next generation physical bitcoins

Coinmotion instant

Instant bitcoin purchases


Bitcoin ATM network

Thousand Clients

Thousand Tx

MEUR Exchanged

Countries Covered

Blockchain converts trust into technology

This new technology allows us to take the current business structures to a new era by replacing inefficient middle men and creating completely new business models.

Blockchain was first envisioned in the original Bitcoin white paper released in 2009. It took four years for Bitcoin to really take off and after that numerous other cryptocurrencies have been developed based on similar concepts.   During the last 2 years banks, businesses and governmental organisations have started to investigate the different applications and benefits that blockchain could offer. The crusade into the depths of this technology has just begun and your company can be part of it.

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Recruiting a full stack developer


Prasos Oy is searching for a new full stack developer to our current team. Our company is one of the fastest growing fintech companies in Finland R...

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Invitation to the extraordinary general meeting of Prasos Ltd


The board of Prasos invites all the company shareholders to the extraordinary general meeting. Time and place:Meeting is held on Tuesday 14th of March...

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We are recruiting bloggers


Do you suddenly wake up when you hear the words ‘Bitcoin’ and ‘Blockchain’ ? Can you write vivid text about technology related themes? We want YOU in ...