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Prasos Oy is searching for a new full stack developer to our current team. Our company is one of the fastest growing fintech companies in Finland – our turnover doubled in 2016 and this year the growth rate seems equally promising!  We offer a wide range of cryptocurrency exchange services, and our future vision is to further develop the bitcoin investment possibilities for traditional investors and institutions. We believe in cryptocurrencies’ strong growth and that they will challenge traditional currencies in the upcoming years.

In Prasos we are quite flexible and the position offers you an opportunity to work in an interesting and dynamic sector. There are no boring weeks in the Bitcoin world and we want to take care of our team members i.e. organizing annual workshops abroad.

What we expect from you?

Several years of full stack development experience, ambition and capability for individual working. Your first task will be the integration of two of our services and then further develop the project. Interest for cryptocurrencies is a plus!

What is required:

Javascript development skills in service environment (node.js) and browsers.
Experience in Linux service environment

Experience in SQL-database

What is beneficial for you:

Experience in Javascript vue.js framework
PostgreSQL and SQLite
Other web technologies, especially AngularJS and Yii PHP framework
Linux maintenance
Cryptocurrency based development experience
Understanding the business logic of our services and have capability to develop them in a business-driven manner.

The contract is made full-time with a fixed monthly salary. The probation period is 4 months. You may present your salary expectations with the application. Job begins as soon as a suitable candidate is found.

Our finnish websites and services are:,, and

Our international websites and services are: and

Company’s own website is

The job position is in Jyväskylä and a regular office work and a residence in Jyväskylä area is required.

Send your open application and CV to [email protected]

Additional info is available by email: [email protected]


The leading Bitcoin service provider in the Nordics Prasos Oy has acquired payment service platform from Hemmo Group Oy. Bitcoinkaupat offers an easy and secure service which allows businesses to accept bitcoin payments. Businesses that use Bitcoinkaupat include Varusteleka, Auto-Outlet, Madventures, Konsolinet, GoFitness and several K-Markets. “Until now our company has concentrated mainly on bitcoin exchange services, and we want to expand our range of services to offer effortless and reliable way for businesses to accept bitcoin. With Bitcoinkaupat it is easy for a vendor to add the option of bitcoin payments. The customers can pay with bitcoins and then the vendor can choose whether they want to receive the payment in euros or bitcoins or in combination of both. With Bitcoinkaupat the luxury car dealer Auto-Outlet has already sold several Teslas with bitcoin, so the service also works well for bigger sales” says Henry Brade, the CEO and co-founder of Prasos Oy. With the acquirement Hemmo Group’’s share of the Bittimaatti ATM network comes also under Prasos Oy. In the past Hemmo Group has helped in developing the ATM network and been in charge of searching new locales for Bitcoin-ATMs. With their help the Bittimaatti ATM network has expanded to such prestigious locales like the largest shopping centre in Finland, most visited harbour in Finland and the shopping centres Kolmisoppi in Kuopio and Tullintori in Tampere. “It is important for us that the story of has an upward streak, so Prasos Oy felt like the most fitting choice to carry on the business. With the acquisition our company gets the needed resources to develop new projects of which we shall reveal later. In the future we will continue believing in the same recipe of success, and we want to expand our company’s mental capital with new professionals” says Aleksi Vitakoski, the CEO and one of the founders of Hemmo Group Oy. Prasos Oy is the provider of European bitcoin exchange and wallet service and, the largest and best known Bitcoin service in Finland. Prasos also maintains the largest Nordic Bitcoin ATM network Bittimaatti. Company is also the world’s leading provider of physical bitcoins with its Denarium brand. Info and interviews: Henry Brade, Prasos Oy +358 41 501 4485, hbrade (at)   Aleksi Vitakoski, Hemmo Group Oy +358 50 541 4270, aleksi.vitakoski (at)   Bitcoin is a global digital currency which has users in over 240 different countries. Globally it has been estimated to have over 5 million users and in Finland over 50 000. Bitcoin is known as a growing Internet currency, but it has been also described as digital gold. In the past 12 months the price of one bitcoin has risen in value from 200 euros to the current 500 euros. is a bitcoin payment service started in 2014. It offers easy and a safe way to accept bitcoin payments. Because of Bitcoinkaupat the infrastructure of Bitcoin payments in Finland is globally in top class. Almost every major dealer which accepts bitcoin in Finland has been a customer of Bitcoinkaupat. Prasos Oy is a company founded in 2012 and based in Jyväskylä. It has grown to become the leading Bitcoin service provider in the Nordic countries. Prasos provides several different services including,, Bittimaatti, Denarium, BTC Store and Over 35 million euros worth of bitcoin have been exchanged using Prasos’ services.

Leading Nordic bitcoin brokering company Prasos has acquired Coinmotion. Coinmotion is an international bitcoin exchange service that provides an easy & secure method of buying, selling and storing bitcoins. By acquiring Coinmotion Prasos is aiming to extend their services especially to regular people who want to safely invest in bitcoins and to better reach international markets. “Our company has concentrated purely on bitcoin exchange services and our market area has mainly been Finland. Now we want to offer regular people an easy and safe way of storing bitcoins and expand our company to international markets. Adding Coinmotion to our service portfolio advances this goal significantly,” says Prasos’ Co-founder & CEO Henry Brade. Prasos operates, which is the largest Bitcoin service in Finland. The company also offers cash trade via the largest BTM network in the Nordics, called Bittimaatti. Additionally, Prasos is the leading physical bitcoin manufacturer through their Denarium brand name. is a service which, in addition to offering an easy way to buy and sell bitcoins, also offers safe bitcoin storage. “Our company has operated in the Bitcoin industry for 4 years which is a long time in the Bitcoin world. We have considerable experience in storing bitcoins safely and we are known as a reliable entity. Acquiring a service such as Coinmotion is a natural step forward for our company,” comments Prasos’ Co-founder & COO Roni Blomberg. Bitcoin is an international digital currency that has users in over 240 countries. It is estimated to have over 5 million users globally. Bitcoin is known as a growing internet currency but it has also been described as digital gold. In the last 12 months the value of bitcoin has risen and the exchange rate has doubled from approximately 200 euros per bitcoin to the current value of approximately 400 euros per bitcoin. Additional information and interview inquiries: Henry Brade, Prasos +358 41 501 4485, hbrade (at) Roni Blomberg, Prasos +358 45 842 5320, rblomberg (at) is an international bitcoin exchange service which started in 2014 and has been accelerated by Boost VC. It allows an easy and secure way of buying, selling and storing bitcoins. Coinmotion has thousands of customers, and millions of euros worth of bitcoins have been exchanged through its platform. Coinmotion transferred to the ownership of Prasos on 23.2.2016. Prasos is a Finnish Bitcoin startup founded in 2012 and it has grown to become the leading Nordic Bitcoin service provider. Prasos operates multiple Bitcoin services such as, Bittimaatti, Coinmotion, Denarium, BTC Store and Approximately one million euros worth of bitcoins are traded each month through the services operated by Prasos.  

Denarium Bitcoin is the newest project of 3-year old Finnish Bitcoin startup Prasos. The company operates, the largest Bitcoin exchange in Finland, and Bittimaatti, the largest Bitcoin ATM network in the Nordics. Now Prasos is making its way into the international scene with Denarium Bitcoin, the next generation of physical bitcoins. Helsinki 10.4.2015 Mike Caldwell created the first Physical Bitcoin in 2011 under the name Casascius and this taught us that people have a clear need to identify bitcoins with something physical. Bitcoin as a concept is hard to understand if it is envisioned as something purely virtual. A Physical Bitcoin is a great conversation starter – the perfect gateway to explaining Bitcoin. There has been only one problem – cheap & affordable coins have all but disappeared from the market. – Ever since US manufacturers ran into regulation issues, low price Physical Bitcoins have been a thing of the past. Years ago I used to give them out to friends & family but nowadays it’s simply not possible because the coins are too expensive. We decided that we have the expertise and the right kind of regulatory environment to bring them back and eventually we came up with Denarium Bitcoin, says Prasos CEO Henry Brade. The coins from Denarium are designed to have easily redeemable private keys. In addition to storing the private key in plain text, it is also stored in QR code format. This way the bitcoins inside a Denarium Bitcoin are easy to redeem and spend online. Denarium products are shipped worldwide and they come in two valuations, 1/10 of a bitcoin and 1/100 of a bitcoin. Both loaded and empty coins are available. – Asia has a number of emerging bitcoin markets with huge volumes of potential adopters. Just as in the West previously, a tangible bitcoin is a great first step into bitcoins for millions of new users, and makes the whole concept easier to understand, states Ville Oehman, who is bringing Denarium Bitcoin to Asian markets. The pre-order of Denarium Bitcoin starts on Monday 13th of April at 12:00 UTC (London). This is 8 AM in New York and 8 PM in Singapore. All pre-order sales are done through the main website of Denarium, First batch of Denarium coins are scheduled for delivery in June 2015. Additional information & interview requests: Henry Brade +358 41 501 4485, hbrade (at) Ville Oehman +65 90 094 078, ville (at) Prasos is a Finnish Bitcoin startup that was founded in March 2012. Their exchange services at currently process around 1 million euros of trading volume per month. Prasos has an ongoing funding round at Nordic equity crowdfunding website Invesdor. Henry Brade has been a passionate Bitcoin enthusiast since 2011. In 2012 he co-founded Prasos and has been in CEO position ever since. Before learning about Bitcoin Henry was a professional online poker player. Ville Oehman is a Singapore-based investor, focusing on early-stage Fintech start-ups in Europe and Asia. Ville is a member of the company advisory board and the wholesale partner for Denarium Bitcoin in Asian markets.